Welcome to WCBand Newsline

This is just a quick introduction to our new newsline section. It will contain updates, cancellations, rehearsal information, and will even become like our own little Facebook and replace the Yahoo! group. That will all come with time.

Each post that is on here can have comments from any user. Just register a name, like you had to register for Yahoo! or Facebook and you’re ready to go.

More information about this will be coming soon!

One thought on “Welcome to WCBand Newsline

  1. I left this comment as an instruction to how to actually create your username so you can actually post comments on the Newsline.

    When looking at the Newsline page, you’ll see a link on the bottom right side that says Register. Simply click that link, create a username(keep it clean), and put in your email, and you will get your temporary password emailed to you in a confirmation.

    Now, the next time you come to the Newsline and you want to leave a comment, you can look in that lower right corner, and click on the Login. Once logged in you can click on any of the Leave Comment links and start your interactive experience with our website.

    Have fun!

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