Board Nominations

The time has come to nominate members to our board positions that are open for the coming years.

Time of duty for all positions will be 2 years.

This year we have the following positions available for nominations:
President – Currently held by Sandy Mergen, nominated & seconded for a second term.
Secretary – Currently held by Sandy Reynolds, nominated & seconded for a second term.
Member-At-Large (1 of 2) – Currently held by Claire Pettigrew, nominated & seconded for a second term. Claire has respectfully declined the nomination.

Please visit our Nominations page to nominate your candidate. You can also submit your nominations at the rehearsal held on 9/25/2013. Nominations can be for any current member of the band in good standings.

Nominations will close 9/29/2013 so that we may confirm acceptance of nominations before the election vote, to be held on 10/2/2013.

As with each election, the option for a write-in will be available the day of the election vote.

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